Zéro de Conduite (from the Collection series)


Incorrigible, undesirable, unruly — what conduct does the museum repress? Zéro de conduite brings together works by more than 70 artists in the Serralves Collection that convey acts of irreverence and disobedience directed either at normative institutions such as the school or the museum, or against various forms of suppression or control that enform the twentieth-century museum’s behavioural and ideological repertoire, and many of the political conditions of our time. Adopting a wide variety of artistic strategies — from irony and subterfuge to theft as appropriation and the subversion of the established proper taste or good behaviour —, the works presented reflect art’s potential to act against the grain. This book is part of a series initiated by the Serralves Museum in 2014, devoted to the research and presentation of its collection.

Year: 2018
Category: Book, Catalogue

Client: Museu de Serralves
Format: 148 x 210 mm, paperback
Pages: 356
​Printing: Offset
​Photo credits: Dinis Santos