Von Calhau!, O Rato Retórico Ritualiza Rôto o Rutilo

Developed in close collaboration with Von Calhau!, this book was published with the exhibition “Oximoroboro”, held at Culturgest in Lisbon. The volume, which initially took as a model those old coloring and exercise books, compiles drawings, riddles, language games, ambigrams and continuous texts. At the end of this object there’s an index of “dissolutions”: like a labyrinth, instead of closing the book, it points to new exits and perpetuates the game proposed by the two artists. The composition of each text was thought in detail, also playing with the transparency of the paper and symmetries of the drawings. On the opposite side to the spine, the pages reveal, as a kind of anamorphosis, a hidden text.

Year: 2015
Category: Book

Client: Culturgest
Format: 210 x 297 mm, paperback
Pages: 232
Printing: Offset