Utopia – UK Portuguese Film Festival

Utopia is a Portuguese speaking film festival, held in London since 2010. In 2013, at its 4th edition, a new graphic identity for the festival was developed, which remains in use eversince.

Starting from visual references as Thomas More’s Utopian Alphabet, the Brazilian pixação, and the geometry and modularity of lettering stencil rulers, the word Utopia was composed in a fragmented way and as if it was floating – being rearranged for the different graphic materials. The approach to cinema was found in the upward movement of the end credits of the films, especially noticeable in the parallax effect used on the website and in the vertical movement of the images that illustrate the leaflet. The latest editions of Utopia Festival follow the same graphical environment in new compositions and colors.

Year: 2013
Category: Website, Identity, Fold-out

Client: Filmville
Format leaflet: 80 x 190 mm (closed)
Printing: Offset, 1/1 colors
Designed with Carlos Azeredo Mesquita
Web programming by Queo