Posters Sismógrafo

Tetuzi Akiyama
Poster for the concert of guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama at Sismógrafo. The oriental style calligraphy is combined with the solar circle that floats around without a fixed position, such as the 5 strings inspired by the Japanese musician’s guitar, than can also be seen as the lines of a musical score or of a calligraphy notebook. The musical improvisation of Akiyama was thus transposed into poster’s printing process: in silkscreen, every copy becomes unique.

Kevin van Braak, Demasiadas Sombras
“Too Many Shadows” is the poster that accompanied the exhibition of Kevin van Braak at Sismógrafo, whose main installation featured a puppet theater produced in Indonesia. Printed in artisanal silkscreen, using different pairs of colors in a vertical gradient, the poster’s intention was to bring to the street that cultural and popular expression of the Far East. Like the Balinese puppets, painted in colors on the leather, but only seen in the performances as shadows, the poster gives color to the lines of the drawings made by Kroko, one of the colaborators of the Dutch artist, thus contrasting with the sensitive issue of the show: an episode occurred during World War II.

João César Monteiro, Obra Escrita 1
Poster for the presentation of the first volume of the written work of João César Monteiro, by Vitor Silva Tavares, at Sismógrafo. The sentence “Moaning will be our last feast” is taken from the first poetry book by the Portuguese filmmaker and is set in the anthropomorph alphabet created by Giovanni Battista Bracelli (17th century), which somehow relates to the erotic and subversive dimension of the films and texts of the Portuguese author. The poster was silkscreen printed on craft paper, used so many times by the editor of &etc for the covers of the books he published, including those by César Monteiro.

Year: 2014–19
Category: Poster

Client: Sismógrafo
Format: 500 x 700 mm
Printing: Silkscreen, 2 colors