Síntese Almada

“Síntese Almada” was a film series, programmed by Ana Miranda, that presented the views of different filmmakers on the life and work of Almada Negreiros, a major figure of Portuguese Modernism. The films, made between 1968 and 1993, allowed to revisit the singular critical thinking and exceptional polyhedral action of this artist, from the moment he published his first drawing in 1911, to the wall panel “Começar”, from 1968, created two years before his death. A poster and a leaflet were designed for each of the sessions. The bold and distorted typography of the title follows the lines’ variations and the ondulations of Von Calhau!’s drawing.

Year: 2011
Category: Fold-out, Poster

Client: Confederação
Format poster: A3
Format leaflet: A5 (closed)
Printing: Photocopy
Drawing by Von Calhau!
Designed with Isabel Duarte