Sebastião Resende, Fecit Potentiam

Sebastião Resende’s book has as its starting point the exhibition “Fecit Potentiam”, presented by the artist in 2014, at Sismógrafo. It includes not only a set of unpublished photographs, but also the essay “Beginning, middle and end”, by the art critic and curator Óscar Faria. 

In Fecit Potentiam, a project that Sebastião Resende has been developing since 2005, the artist builds models of well-known contemporary art museums, which he later inhabits with silk worms. The whole process of mutation of the larvae in butterflies is registered in images and sounds, being the result presented in different mediums and occasions: exhibition, book, photography, sculpture, drawing, etc. The title comes from one of the movements of J.S. Bach’s “Magnificat” and sets the graphical structure of the book: the golden proportion of the format; the musical harmonies for the typography sizes; text and scores mingle; footnotes and extra textual references sometimes dominate the page. 

Year: 2016
Category: Book

Client: Sismógrafo
Format: 210 x 297 mm, swiss binding 
Pages: 72
Printing: Offset