Nairy Baghramian, Cold Shoulder

Published on the occasion of Nairy Baghramian’s new outdoor sculptural work for the gardens of the Serralves Museum, this book draws upon the artist’s interest in the ways sculpture functions in the public domain. Following her conceptual decision, a section was included dedicated to the works that, over the years, were installed in the Serralves Park, arranged in the form of an index. The importance given to the images of Baghramian’s “Cold Shoulder” is identical to the treatment of the other works presented. The white hardcover, which contains only the technical information of the artwork, is wrapped with a photograph that unfolds to a poster size.

Year: 2014
Category: Book, Catalogue

Client: Serralves Museum
Format: 320 x 195 mm, hardcover with dustjacket
Pages: 50
Printing: Offset