Music and Words

The exhibition “Music and Words”, organized by the Serralves Museum and curated by Ricardo Nicolau, took place at the Primeira Avenida building, in downtown Porto. It included works by national and international artists whose work explores the relationship between sound, word and visuality. The artist as performer, the relation of art with the media and the material and performative possibilities of sound as a medium, were some of the issues addressed by the exhibition. The show also featured a collection of vinyl records, whose covers were designed by artists.

The catalogue has as a main reference the memory of music magazines, expressed in its A4 format, in the extra-glossy paper, and in the choice for a typewriter inspired typeface. A certain punk attitude, heiress of music fanzines, was also on the basis of the design concept: simulating a finishing mistake, as if the staples had been put out of place, the pages twisted up and turned aside, leaving room for the images of the printing plans to contaminate each other. On the cover, the words of the titles of the several artworks, broken down and shuffled, were arranged as if it was a visual poem.

Year: 2013
Category: Book, Catalogue

Client: Serralves Museum
Format: 210 x 297 mm, stapled
Pages: 54
Printing: Offset