Galeria Quadrado Azul

Quadrado Azul is a commercial gallery for contemporary art, founded in 1986, with spaces in both Porto and Lisbon. For the redesign of the gallery’s identity the attention turned to the origin of its name: the futuristic publication "K4 O Quadrado Azul", published in 1917, by Almada Negreiros and Amadeo de Souza Cardoso. In this work, a strong blue square made out of paper is pasted on the cover, in a more or less random position.

The new logo for the gallery thus returned to the original color, and the geometric figure was tilted, also growing to a larger scale and becoming autonomous from its descriptive name. A grotesque typeface, with terminals cut in the same angle, was chosen for the identity, paired with a serif font of the same proportions, used for plain text composition. The responsive website, with a custom-made backoffice, displays the blue square in a fixed position over the contents, sometimes overlapping them.

The system developed for the invitation cards is solely typographic, working only with one color – blue, black or gray on white –, and the composition, always variable, is related more or less directly with each of the exhibitions. All the communication materials of the gallery were designed for over a year in close collaboration with its artistic direction, including room sheets, window fronts and signage for exhibitions, artists files, guides for the art fairs, etc.

Year: 2012
Category: Website, Identity

Client: Galeria Quadrado Azul
Printing: Offset, 1/1 colors
Format invitations: A5
Responsive webdesign layouts: desktop, tablet, smartphone
Web programming by Queo