Room sheets Cineclube

In 2011, a new film club was founded in Braga. Paying tribute to Aurélio da Paz dos Reis, a pioneer of Portuguese cinema and responsible for the first cinematograph screening in Braga in 1896, shortly after the the Lumière brothers’ invention, the film club developed its programme around the history of national and author cinema. For about two years, we produced dozens of room sheets, carefully edited with texts written for the occasion and other archival documents, pictures, newspaper clippings, etc. Working closely with the team, these black printed, hand folded leaflets have become one of the project's signatures. The format, expanded to A3 when opened, provided great room for visual experimentation. The folding scheme allowed also to play with the reading sequence of these small objects. (more images soon)

Year: 2011–12
Category: Fold-out

Client: Cineclube Aurélio da Paz dos Reis
Format: folded A3
Pages: 16 (each)
Printing: Photocopy