Cadernos Hestóricos

In 2013, the small theatre company based in Porto called Confederação, created the collection “Cadernos Hestóricos”, devoted to publishing their ongoing researches on the relationship between theater and cinema. The format of this series is constant, always printed in black and white, and the covers feature a handmade drawing printed each time on a different colored paper. Every publication has its own layout, and the graphics and typography are approached in relation to the particular theme.

Volume 1: Cooperativa Grupo Zero e o Teatro da Cornucópia

This publication accompanied a film series presenting the four works made in Lisbon, in the post-revolution period, by Cooperativa Grupo Zero and Teatro da Cornucópia, adapting stage texts by Franz Xaver Kroetz and Karl Valentim. Gathering documentary material, such as newspaper articles, stage photographs, scripts, etc., this “Historical Notebook” presents also previously unpublished essays by various authors.

Volume 2: Herzog–Kinski Queridos Inimigos

This publication followed a film series in which they sought to emphasize the love/hate relationship between filmmaker Werner Herzog and the actor-muse of many of his films, the controversial Klaus Kinski. It highlights the stills centered on the actor’s performance, running along the book pages in a horizontal frieze. A final section, printed in a different paper stock, adds the synopses and credits of the films presented in the series “Herzog-Kinski: Dear Enemies”.

Volume 3: Artur Semedo

In the lineage of the portuguese “Revue Theatre” genre, the comical films of Artur Semedo, in which he himself appears as an actor, were screened by Confederação in a 6 films’ series. A key figure of the humor in Portugal between the 50’s and 90’s, the work of the “man with the black glove”, a staunch Benfica’s supporter, has had, to this day, a controversial reception. The book opens with a long imaginary interview with the director, illustrated with small images that could have been taken from a scrapbook.

Year: 2013–15
Category: Book

Client: Confederação
Format Volume 1: 200 x 280 mm, stapled, 40 pages
Format Volume 2: 200 x 280 mm, stapled, 36 pages
Format Volume 3: 200 x 280 mm, stapled, 80 pages
Printing: Digital