Alberto Carneiro, Three Fields

* Selected by DGLB's Book Design Prize 2018

Between 1968 and 1973, Alberto Carneiro (Coronado, 1937 – Porto, 2017) produced three installations that proved crucial for the development of his own artistic career and for all subsequent Portuguese art – The cane field: memory-metamorphosis of an absent body, dating from 1968, A forest for your dreams, from 1970, and A field after harvest for the aesthetic delight of our body, from 1973-1976. The three works compose tellurian situations in which the presence of the countryside, recreated in the exhibition space through the rigorous and careful organisation of elements from the cycle of nature, produces machines through which the visitor can travel in time and space. 

The catalogue was published on the occasion of the simultaneous presentation of the three works at Culturgest Lisbon and Culturgest Porto. It features not only photographs from these last installations but also documentation from previous ones, drawings by the artist and an essay by curator Delfim Sardo. The double-spread images, the cut-paste games between different plans, dubious, fake compositions of photographs, all seek to prolong the immersiveness that the installations themselves create in the visitors.

Year: 2017
Category: Book, Catalogue

Client: Culturgest
Format: 210 x 310 mm, Singer sewn 
Pages: 72
Printing: Offset