Agenda do Cinema Independente no Porto

The “Agenda for Independent Cinema in Porto” is a project of the local municipality that announces the screenings organized by different entities in various places around the city, not always conventional cinema rooms and often with free entrance. Characterized by a certain informalism, the graphic identity developed departs from a “low budget” aesthetic, where the typical cheap colored photocopying paper dictates the color scheme. Using a palette of opensource fonts, the project features a rough black typography, sometimes condensed or stretched. The three letters of each month are imposed as a logo, and 4 background colors rotate throughout the year. The same principles apply to the online version, where the monthly calendar dominates the structure of webpages, becoming here the main navigation tool.

Year: 2014
Category: Website, Identity, Fold-out

Client: Municipality of Porto / Division of Culture
Format: 80 x 160 mm (closed)
Printing: Offset, 1/1 colors
Designed with Carlos Azeredo Mesquita
Web programming by Queo