12 Contemporaries: Present States

Exhibition guide

A certain sense of urgency and dare became the premises for the development of the graphic materials accompanying the exhibition “12 Contemporaries: Present States”, held at the Serralves Museum, Porto. A recent and improved version of Helvetica was chosen, with its dry and inelegant qualities, and on the other hand, a most common typeface. Relevance was given to the names of the participants, representing a new generation of Portuguese artists: all set in capital letters, their initials served to mark their spaces on the exhibition map. The idea of a guide was taken quite literally, and the museum’s floorplans were used as a graphic element in the brochure. A total of 6 cover/backcover combinations was used, emphasizing the singularity of each artist. Distributed for free in the exhibition entrance, the visitor could thus choose his favorite.



Deviating from the usual model in what regards group exhibition catalogues, the volume edited on the occasion of the exhibition “12 Contemporaries: Present States”, consists of an anthology of texts selected by the artists themselves. With no illustrative, educational or confessional pretensions, this choice maps a broad reference field, setting itself an elliptical narrative, revealing authors as diverse as Hans Christian Andersen, David Foster Wallace, Jorge de Sena or Frances Stark. A contemporary typeface of classical proportions, but with aggressive triangular serifs, was used in the setting of the texts, paired with a sans-serif, rawer, used also in the remaining print materials.

Year: 2014
Category: Book, Exhibition guide

Client: Serralves Museum
Format guide: 150 x 225 mm, stapled, 56 pages
Formato reader: 190 x 255 mm, soft cover, 320 pages
Printing: Offset